Crucial Tips for Creamier Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are seemingly really simple. You would start heating up the pan, crack some eggs into a bowl, whisk them, then pour them in a pan with some butter and move them around. And that works. But there’s a good chance you’ll end up with dry eggs. The problem starts with heating up the pan first.

If you want richer, creamier eggs (even without using butter), you should crack the eggs into a cold (ideally non-stick) pan and slowly bring it to temperature. Even then, the heat should be kept at low. Then just keep stirring them with a spatula. Yes, a spatula. It helps create good-size curds.

Probably the most important part though, is when to take them off the heat. And the answer is: before they’re done. You must take into account that the residual heat of the pan and the eggs will continue to cook them. So take them off the heat before they’re ready, keep stirring, and be prepared to drop some butter or creme fraiche in to stop them from overcooking on their own.

For an idea of how this looks in practice, watch this video. The eggs start at at 1 minute mark: